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16 Apr 2014 08:18

... is the most useless I have ever encountered on any Forum :mad:.
I keyed-in "de panne 2014" and got no results !
User avatar Papparrazzi
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16 Apr 2014 08:29

I just searched "de panne 2014" and got this:

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User avatar Susan Westemeyer
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16 Apr 2014 08:47

the funniest is where search fails and when I try a 2nd time I'm told

wait X seconds before you make a further search.......................why?

Mark L
User avatar ebandit
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16 Apr 2014 08:57

Agreed, I have also often found the search engine ineffective
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User avatar Christian
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16 Apr 2014 10:25

I've given up trying to figure out how this search-thingy Works! My theory is tiny goblins taking a great bunch of threads (how they decide which ones I haven't quite figured out yet...) and throwing them into the air. The one landing on top becomes the first result, and so on.
Does that seem too far-fetched?:p
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16 Apr 2014 10:26

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16 Apr 2014 13:13

I searched using your terms and got the only expected result. But I got it.


When trying to search for a race thread or any other thread, use the advanced search and in the drop menu under the search bar, choose Titles only, otherwise you'll get a gazillion of threads and posts where those words were mentioned.

Hope it helps.
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User avatar BigMac
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16 Apr 2014 13:14

Papparrazzi wrote:... is the most useless I have ever encountered on any Forum :mad:.
I keyed-in "de panne 2014" and got no results !

if you hit "advanced search" and then "search titles only" you will find it
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