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Appreciation for Jackrabbitslims

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Appreciation for Jackrabbitslims

16 Sep 2015 12:40

Seriously, have you guys seen the new Workshop and Maintenance section?


Seriously impressive work gone into all that and he's extremely friendly and helpful. Massive respect fella and massive thanks. :D
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User avatar King Boonen
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16 Sep 2015 12:44

Yes, I've seen what he's done.

I've been in there a few times for info.

It was a great idea that he's really running with.

I agree, quite impressive.

Thanks Jack! :)
User avatar Irondan
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17 Sep 2015 15:55

Thanks Jack, much appreciated!
User avatar BigMac
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Re: Appreciation for Jackrabbitslims

17 Sep 2015 17:34

Fantastic stuff from Jack. He really knows his bikes. Great idea and I hope posters who ride bikes and need advice get over to the thread. Some great info.
ray j willings
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17 Sep 2015 17:58

Yes, nice work Jack. Even though I'm handy with a wrench, and we were in the trade at one point there's still stuff I don't know. The tubeless tyre thing was great.
User avatar wendybnt
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