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How long did you lurk here before you started posting?

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Re: How long did you lurk here before you started posting?

02 Mar 2016 18:22

I was initially on Bicycling mags forum and Podium Cafe's but was always visiting the Cycling News site because they had the most detailed and timely race reports at the time and I eventually joined. Christian and I joined at about the same time. I'm thinking that they may not have had a forum until that time or maybe they upgraded the forum. I can't remember exactly.

To the OP: The Levi moment has to be one if not the highest moment of the Pro Cycling Forum. Just classic!
User avatar Angliru
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08 Mar 2016 23:00

@Angliru I joined a couple days after the forum was launched, in March -09. You've gotta be some of the first ones here :)
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09 Mar 2016 08:55

Tour 2011 if I'm not mistaken. I googled Europcar doping? and the first result was a topic on this forum (not in the clinic) :D

I got hooked by the stage threads where I could follow the race even when I couldn't see it live. Great stuff. A couple of months before my first post I guess.
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Re: How long did you lurk here before you started posting?

01 Apr 2016 13:41

Looking back through this thread, I have one of the earliest join dates with Christian, yet only 300 something posts :D

Really I guess you could say I'm a continual lurker who pops in every few months to post something
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02 Apr 2016 08:37

Started lurking in spring 2010, after a search for info about Landis' allegations lead me to the Clinic. It used to be a very good source for new info about anything doping related back then. Discovered rest of the forum soon after. Joined during the 2012 Vuelta, but soon after the issue with logging into the forum arose. After that I went back to lurking mode.

After the major forum change last year I was able to log in again and started posting more regularly.
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10 Jun 2016 13:27

Jspear wrote:I lurked for about a week and then joined. I used the main site cyclingnews for a couple years without even knowing that the forum existed.

Same, I used to lurk first in the old comments section under each article between like 2011-2013, then I started commenting there in 2013, and only found out about the forum back in 2014
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12 Jun 2016 09:36

Wow, I lurked for ages. IIRC I already checked out the forums during the 2009 Tour.
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Re: How long did you lurk here before you started posting?

12 Jun 2016 14:43

i never lurked, immediately registered
User avatar Dekker_Tifosi
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31 Aug 2016 17:45

I lurked for about 5 years before joining. I recall reading opinions here about Landis on his infamous ride to Morzine in the 2006 TdF. Didn't join until 2011.
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31 Aug 2016 18:48

The forum opened in 2009 ;)
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31 Aug 2016 20:24

Busted. :lol:
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01 Sep 2016 09:18

Don't remember. Not very long, I think. Definitely less than a year.
In fact if I even lurked it was simply during the period it took me to "work up my courage" to join. Now, I don't think you came across as an intimidating bunch, I'm just weird like that and filling in those things can make me really nervous.
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04 Sep 2016 12:52

I think I've lurked here since the 2011 Giro. I think I finally registered so that I could partake in the CQ game :p
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Re: How long did you lurk here before you started posting?

06 Sep 2016 05:25

Dekker_Tifosi wrote:i never lurked, immediately registered

Looking at your join date, you didn't have much time to lurk anyway. You'd have to be one of the first to join :cool:
User avatar 42x16ss
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06 Oct 2016 12:11

Probably about 3 years, at least.
I had been searching online to learn more about up-and-coming riders when this topic (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=17068&start=40) drew me in. Haven't stopped reading the forum since.
Not until earlier this year I gathered the courage to make a small contribution, but I'm still a lurker mainly.
Erez Lendra
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27 Oct 2016 18:49

Found the Forum and registered straight away.
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