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Logging out by accident all the time reading the forum

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Logging out by accident all the time reading the forum

26 Mar 2016 01:38

Not sure if anyone has discussed this before but wanted to bring this problem up. Every day reading the forum I accidently log out maybe 3-4 times when I want to go the the last page in a forum thread and the page jumps down when it loads so I hit the orange logout button instead of the last thread page. Its very annoying and could be avoided if the logout button was not placed right above the last page number/button in the threads (that is the most used one I suppose) but perhaps instead were placed in the middle of the page. Am I the only one who experience this problem? If not I hope something will be done and the orange logout button will be moved. Thanks!
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26 Mar 2016 12:30

I've had a similar problem for some time, have you tried disabling all add-ons, switching browser or simply deleting your browser data (history, cookies etc)?

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