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A ton of new mods!

Drop in, give us some feedback and talk to the team

Moderator: Irondan

20 Apr 2016 09:50

Good luck!
Vincenzo Nibali:
"I know how to ride a bike"

Reduce your carbon footprint, ride steel.
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Re: Re:

20 Apr 2016 22:14

Maxiton wrote:
RedheadDane wrote:Here's a question:

Which ton is biggest? The Tonton or the Maxiton?

I dunno, but the Maxiton is speedier. :D

Speedier...yes...maybe not on a bike though :p
When I woke up and saw the yellow jersey that I had left by my bed the night before, I asked myself: "what are you doing in Merckx's bedroom?" I couldn't believe it - Bernard Thevenet
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28 May 2016 14:48

What happened to Max?
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28 May 2016 16:24

Amsterhammer wrote:What happened to Max?

He quit.
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