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**UPDATE** Medical, Legal and Financial Advice...

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**UPDATE** Medical, Legal and Financial Advice...

07 Nov 2016 16:01

***UPDATE*** Medical, legal, and financial advice - Cycling News Forums have a broad topic coverage. However, when it comes to financial, medical and legal advice, it's always recommended to seek advice from a qualified professional, rather than asking random strangers on the internet.

Due to the anonymous nature of the Internet, please be aware that there is no way to confirm the qualifications or motivations of any respondents. Misinformation or bad advice can cause financial, legal or medical harm. Therefore, members are encouraged to seek their own professional independent advice before making significant decisions based on what they read in the CN Forums.

Moderation staff will remove material containing medical, legal and financial advice with no prior warning or explanation. Threads that are opened with the sole purpose of seeking medical, legal, or financial advice will be closed.
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