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16 Jan 2019 22:12

Pricey_sky wrote:
TheGreenMonkey wrote:I am so out of following cycling I do not really care in a lot of ways but a 6 month ban for what I did seems to more than a little extreme. Yes I reacted to a moderators off topic nonsense in a way I should not have done but 6 months is a total joke.

Abuse to moderators (or any poster for that matter) will not be tolerated on any level and will always carry an extreme sanction. We would have been well within our rights to make it a permaban.

My experience here tells me the word "abuse" regarding the moderators gets thrown around pretty easily. I've seen simple disagreements labeled as abuse.

Don't know what happened in this case, but claiming abuse for invisible offenses (as they often are deleted after the fact) might strike a lot of forum members as somewhat disingenuous. I'd just say "we feel the ban was warranted" and leave it at that.

Meant as a helpful critique, not criticism.
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16 Jan 2019 23:31

can't contribute to the opinion re. the 'abuse' word usage in reference to a particular ban.

you sound reasonable red arguing the 'invisible offense' , but unless we had a public record, suspecting a mod in impropriety has as much gravity - at it's most stringent to a mod - as suspecting a real overreaction by a poster (lets call it so to avoid the word 'abuse').

what seems the board *new* fact to me, is that the mods are lately very careful in administering bans. look at the current frequency compared to the recent past - once in several weeks someone is banned.

is it due to a new internal criteria or due to the fact the board activity is a fraction of what it once was - i would not know.

a case in point... just today, i was involved in a longish and patient exchange debunking a poster's false allusions (the details don't belong here). the mods behavior was different compared to my past exchanges with the same poster. just saying... the mods are imo, just like you and me, are not static entities, but humans. they learn, sometimes overreact, sometimes making the mistakes they wont admit. i was quite outspoken HERE when i felt the mistakes. but generally they are well disposed and intended. at least i hope so as a former mod myself. you were too, but seem to still being concerned.
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