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Welcome to the CN Forum - Come and introduce yourself

Drop in, give us some feedback and talk to the team

Moderators: Daniel Benson, Susan Westemeyer, Irondan

12 Mar 2009 19:21

Looking forward to chatting with fellow cycling addicts worldwide, long live the forum!
User avatar lookkg386
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12 Mar 2009 22:04

Great stuff Fellas, this has got to be good to kill an hour a day at least! :D
The Falcon
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who won the jersey today?

13 Mar 2009 15:31

who won the jersey today? I had first and third?
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17 Mar 2009 18:09

Hey, it's about time CN had a forum. Thank you--I predict great things!

Best regards,
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17 Mar 2009 20:48

Thanks to everyone who has joined the forum in the last week. We've already shot through the 1,000 member mark and we're still growing rapidly.

Don't forget to update your profile pages too. You can find them by clicking on the User CP link in the top left.


User avatar Daniel Benson
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17 Mar 2009 22:13

This is so awesome! I have been a Cycling News reader, follower and admirer for so long and finally we get to have a forum where we can come to praise our wonderful sport of cycling and share our points of view.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to meet in a virtual cycling forum.

I hope the best come from this and that we grow in numbers in the years to come! :D
[color="BLUE"]My legs keep the wheels turning, my spirit keeps me going...AND MY BRAIN KEEPS ME BALANCED![/color]
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31 Mar 2009 14:12

Hi Im callum and love cyclingnews,great to be part of the forum.;)
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03 Apr 2009 11:21

Hi Peeps,

Dunno how many SAffers there are on here, but I'm another one.

User avatar ShortLegs
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08 Apr 2009 02:02

Hello everyone! Hope to chat with you soon. Thanks for the forum CN!
User avatar 4estru
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08 Apr 2009 10:09

Hey everyone

Not sure how many Aussie are around but Im another one - My name is Filomena and I love watching the cycling and have used cyclingnews as my main spot for Cycling news and keeping up with races and how the aussies are going :D

I'm an Adelaide Girl so I will give you 3 guesses who's my favorite :D I also like Mick Rodgers and Cadel Evans but Stuey is my no.1 and always will be!

Out of the internationals I like Fabian Cancellara, Jens Voight, Thor Huhsov(sp?)Tom Boonen, Oscar Perrera and George Hencappi
User avatar sportzchick
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08 Apr 2009 14:46

Cyclingnews has been my homepage for the past 5 years. I'm able to keep up with the greatest sport in the world.Wether it's checking in on how the monsters in Europe are crushing it, or to see how badly my friends are suffering in the domestic scene, cylingnews has it for me. Thanks for finally getting this forum together.
Rain Dog
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hippy, the forum. forum, meet hippy

12 Apr 2009 18:58

I think I'm on every other cycling forum.. why not join this one? :)

Plus, http://www.cyclingnews.com is my "one true source" for pro cycling info.

Howdy cn'ers.
User avatar firsthippy
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22 Apr 2009 20:27

Interesting to see how many people in this thread took the time to register and post, but have either never (or very rarely), posted anywhere else.

Something about the tone of the forum? Are people intimidated? Too much doping talk? Just curious.
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27 Apr 2009 01:47

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28 Apr 2009 20:22

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29 Apr 2009 10:03

Hi everybody.
I'm a 25 year old law student from Norway. I'm quite new to cycling. I haved followed it closely for the last 12-18 months, but I started watching the TdF when they finally showed it on Norwegian television about 5-6 years ago.

Cyclingnews is in my opinion the best cyclingsite out there, and I hope the forum can have the same standard - with high quality discussions :)
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08 May 2009 19:05

Help! I cannot send info... wht am I doing wrong?
steve in jakarta
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09 May 2009 11:12


As you can see my name is Craig and 1985 is the year I was born in. I swear I read this site several times a day.
User avatar craig1985
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Is there a way to add an avatar

09 May 2009 18:53

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Asian Cycling Championship 2009.

15 May 2009 08:20

Hi everyone,
I'm a Brit expat living in Jakarta, I was looking for news on an up and coming event and found this...
Cycling News, what a great site. I want to announce an event u may like to know about. I am living in Indonesia and there's the 29th Asian Cycling Championship & 16th Asian Junior Championship being held in Tenggaron - East Kalimantan, Indonesia. 15 -20th August 2009. The theme is Save our Forests. Save our World. Atheletes from 35 Asian countries will be participating. If you would like more info email me. Thanks, Steve.
steve in jakarta
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