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New to the forum/introduction.

16 Dec 2009 16:50

Hello fellow bikers, cyclists or whatever we want to call ourselves. (Cyklist with a "k" if you are someone with English as their second language like myself).
I recently decided to take up cycling again. A hobby and passion that I very much enjoyed back in the 90`s, about 50lbs ago:-) As my name indicates, I`m originally from Norway, but live in the US now (Southern Nevada). Back in the days I was really into the hobby. I completed Trondheim-Oslo in 1993 and 1994, at that time, perhaps still? the worlds longest one-day race at 540 km/335 miles. I moved to the states in 1997 to go to college, got married and ended up staying in the US. Unfortunately I left the hobby. I guess life with kids and work got too busy.
In the spring of 2009 I learned that I had a defect heart valve that needed to be replaced. In September I had open heart surgery and now, after a successful recovery I feel the need to stay in shape more than ever. So, it`s time to get back in the saddle. I actually don`t even own a bike yet, but hopefully within a few weeks, that will change. Anyway, I`m glad to be a part of this forum and am looking forward to learning from you all.
Anyone else from Norway or Southern Nevada in here by the way?
Norwegian Cyklist
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17 Dec 2009 09:53

Norwegian Cyklist wrote:...Anyone else from Norway or Southern Nevada in here by the way?

Welcome/velkommen til oss!

There are a few around. I guess I'd be your opposite...American married to a Norwegian. We moved here in '07.

And if Trondheim/Oslo isn't the longest...it's still gotta be Top 3 at least!
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03 Feb 2010 18:03

Hi! Just joined up, only just found the forum now!

I'm not actually a cyclist, I will admit, I'm a rower. Having said that, I'm a huge cycling fan have been watching and following cycling for years.

My favourite team is Garmin, and favourite rider is Ryder Hesjedal.
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05 Feb 2010 10:27

Alex III wrote:I'm not actually a cyclist, I will admit, I'm a rower.

That just means you're a cyclist in the making. It was the running joke between journos at the Australian nationals this year to ask what other sport the podium finishers came from as there was a rower, someone from athletics etc.

Welcome to Cyclingnews.com Alex.

Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson
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06 May 2010 06:47

Already presented myself in the General Road race thread (just lock it... guess that was the wrong place...)

Anyway... I'm Anne, plan on studying English and Communication.

I'm a cyclist the way a lot of people are; I ride my bike to school and other places but I don't race it. After all, the bike is the easiest, cheapest (and, in many occasions, fastest method of transportation. :D
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24 May 2010 07:27

Hi Team,

Thank you for the forum. For months have enjoyed (sometimes intrigued/disappointed, always learning) reading CN in general and the various posts.

Of concern is the number of: irrelevant and/or personally abusive posts. There seems to be, on the more contentious issues, a fondness for attacking the person rather than constructively critiquing the idea.

So a slightly belated hello.

I am John, recreational (competitive nature;)), tech wielding, dilettente of a cyclist:D...with a physiological bent.

Thank you once again.

ciao js
ciao js


Craig X W
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10 Jun 2010 04:43

I am not a cyclist, but my husband is. Became a fan in 1999...watching the Giro on OLN ( Versus).
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22 Jun 2010 11:35

This is my first message, just after joining.

Great to see so many bike minded people out there.

I have a couple of questions, please re-direct me if this is the wrong place to ask them.

If I am looking for people of similar fitness & residency to ride with?

If I am looking for people who I used to ride & race with, many years ago?

Please advise,
Thanks :)
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22 Jun 2010 12:05

Welcome to the forum.

I suggest you go into this subforum and post your questions:


I dream of a better world, where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.
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13 Jul 2010 05:40

Have been visiting the site pretty much daily for probably five years. Congratulations on a great site. It is informative and up to date which is great. love the forum as well.

Have often wanted to sign up and join the discussion, as there are many regulars who are 'characters' and the cycling chat is very good. Often decided not to because I thought - there goes my time if I started posting on here.

Well, finally, due to the excitement in the tour, I had to sign up (although the Giro was brilliant and I nearly caved in then). I have noticed, however, that there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of little tour followers signing up now.

Question - should I go away and sign up again during the Giro de Lombardia to avoid being lumped with the masses :)

anyway, cheers, love the site - keep up the good work.
User avatar Bennyl
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23 Jul 2010 22:01

I'm new here, I'm fan of cycling since 2004. My favorite cyclist is Thomas Voeckler and I'm a huge fan of the Bbox team.
I'm french so sorry for my english which isn't perfect!

I used to visit this site but I didn't know the forum so I hope I'll be well here!:)
User avatar marina36
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25 Jul 2010 03:55

Welcome Marina36. Your english is certainly good enough to be a member here. Post away! :)
User avatar Alpe d'Huez
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10 Aug 2010 14:14

After the Ullrich-wars, German cyclingforums are as dead as german cycling .
Thats why I am here at this multicultiforum - more often now. :)
I am an 33 year old cyclist/cyclingfan who lifes near the Belgium/Dutch border (actually there is no border) :D

I won´t say anything about my favorite cyclists or teams, because it falls back on me at some time. Thats what i have learned in every cyclingforum.
User avatar Cobblestoned
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12 Aug 2010 09:06

Morning all!
I'll be honest, I'm here primarily for the Clinic as a forum friend from elsewhere said it was a good place for information, particularly on the American side of things. Hopefully I'll get more of the gags in Toto now...:cool:
See you around,
User avatar Chuffy
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22 Nov 2010 02:33

Hello all. This is my second post here bust wanted to say hello and it is great to see such a nice cycling community. Wish their were more emotocons.
User avatar Skandar Akbar
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22 Jan 2011 03:32

Greetings to all! I thought I would pop on and intro myself to make myself legit. I have been cycling all my life, probably longer than many of you around here...Love riding road (as well as x) and love intelligent conversation. BTW am a total pro racing fanatic, pay close attention to races and riders all year round, and will even admit that I am a female!
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09 Apr 2011 23:56

Hi all,

Like most on this thread I don't expect to last long - I'm here to pass the time, learn a lot (I have a lot to learn), maybe have a laugh...by the sounds of it, a n00b like me could get seriously flamed for having the 'wrong' opinion :)

When I got my 1st 'racing' bike in the mid-60's, I was always Coppi to my best mate's Merckx...

No favourite teams, no favourite riders - I just love the sport, past & present.

User avatar ChopperArris
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01 May 2011 19:22

Dankie aan almal wat vir my ondersteunende briewe gestuur het tydens my kwarentyn periode.
Dit was 'n tyd van groot introspeksie.
Ek het goeie sensasie in my bene.
Dankie aan almal wat hulle fietse gery het en hulle tyd konstruktief gebruik het.
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07 Jul 2011 23:00

hello :)

I began reading this forum during giro d'italia and loved the information and discussions! So, TDF came along and couldn't help joining and throwing my 2 cents in. Now, i'm seeing on my posts that "editor in chief" is under my name after 6 posts instead of "junior member."


did i do something wrong? please post a reply, as i hesitate to post until knowing what's up. thanks


I will wait to see if i get an email about this.

thanks. :o
Junior Member
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07 Jul 2011 23:02

hm, strange. now back to junior member:confused: :o

maybe i was seeing things?
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