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Nacht van Woerden 2010

Skinny tyres, drop handlebars and mud. Lots of mud.

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Nacht van Woerden 2010

27 Oct 2010 05:12

First victory of Tom Meeusen in proffesional Cyclocross. He won in Woerden (nacht van woerden). Bart Aernouts and Gerben the Knegt finished second and third
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27 Oct 2010 13:13

Tommeke supertalent!
Life's too important to be taken seriously
Doping sucks

Wouter, John and Xavi, you all will be missed.

hrotha wrote:You guys have an ancient barbarian mentality. Charge right in and be inevitably slaughtered by the superior foe, so that you can be buried with your sword and your silly notions of an "honorable fight".
and proud of it :D
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21 Feb 2011 16:29

Meeusen will ride moutainbike in Senegal in March:


400 km in 6 days on a mountainbike collect money for the charity Bonjour Afrique (which happens to be supported by Telenet :p) which wants to build a school the poorest suburbs of Dakar.

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