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Cyclocross Calendar 2011-12

Skinny tyres, drop handlebars and mud. Lots of mud.

Moderator: Eshnar

06 Oct 2014 12:39

He was so great he won yesterday a race from the 2011/2012 season. :p

Lars dominated the race. He went away with Kevin after 2 laps or something but KP wasn't good enough. Mathieu had a mechanical when Lars broke away but then he closed the gap in a minimum of time. I think Lars was still 20+ sec ahead with two laps to go and Mathieu bridged that gap in one lap or one and a half and then dropped Lars, who is faster in the sprint. Really unexpected.

Klaas said that Mathieu's attack was "fenomenaal". Like he said about Albert in Diegem 2012. :p

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