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Changes to GVA-Trophy for 2012-2013

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Changes to GVA-Trophy for 2012-2013

21 Feb 2012 11:54

Starting next season, the GVA-Trophy will get a new main sponsor, and also new rules. They will abandon the current points-based system, and instead switch to a system with times, as if it was a road cycling tour.

The sum of the actual time differences, with a ceiling of 5 minutes (so max 5 minutes lost per 'stage' if you can't participate for some reason) will be the general classification.

I personally like this idea, especially as it's different from the other 2 main classifications; it should be interesting to follow and will hopefully bring back some kind of "internationalisation" to cyclo-cross.

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21 Feb 2012 13:40

I totally support this also, consistency will play a bigger factor and guys in that 2nd tier (anyone not named Nys, Stybar, Albert, or Pauwels) have more of a chance, might change a bit of the racing style too, in a race where you are not strong, limiting your losses where now you just phone it in and ride for training, and conversely, when it's a course that suits your strengths, you put as much time as possible into everybody, sprint right to the line, no cruising with a lead on the last lap (except for that last race!)
great idea
long live Zesdaagse!
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21 Feb 2012 14:37

Lol, I was thinking yesterday that they should have a system like this and now it happened. Made my day.
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28 Oct 2014 10:07

Good news and exceited idea!!!
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