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National Championships 2013

Skinny tyres, drop handlebars and mud. Lots of mud.

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National Championships 2013

14 Jan 2013 08:41

congrats to U23 WK Lars Van der Haar for winning the Dutch elite men's nationals, and a big high five to Klaas Vantornout for winning in Belgium, riding away on the last lap from an elite group containing, WK Albert, Kevin Pauwels, Svn Nys, and Rob Peeters, much deserved to a hard working rider.


long live Zesdaagse!
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15 Jan 2013 19:05

So it was van der Haar on your avy. :p

Didn't really recognize him. Too small. Nice pic though.
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16 Jan 2013 15:24

Other results:
France: Francis Mourey
Czech: Zdenek Stybar
Germany: Philip Walsleben
Italy: Marco Fontana
Spain: Aitor Hernandez
Switzerland: Julien Taramarcaz
US: Jonathan Page
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