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Whether it's cross country, marathon or gravity, post all your MTB chat here.

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04 Apr 2015 07:42

Morning all. Just joined, after 25 years as a roadie. Just sold my road bike due to lack of use (young family etc etc) and found myself a nice used Marin Rock Springs to get me going. Why a Marin? Because I wanted one. Why FS? Because I wanted to, no other reason! :) I've had pleurisy for the last few months so still trying to recover from that and get a bit of endurance and strength back and then to up my fitness and lose a few kgs. That's the plan. I'm near to 2 nice MTB trails recently built so looking forward to going and getting dirty.
La Vuelta
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31 Jul 2015 06:14

Newbie too.
William Bettee
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04 Sep 2016 01:29

Hellooooooooo.......new here............ :)
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04 Sep 2016 16:34

maxon23 wrote:Hellooooooooo.......new here............ :)

Welcome to the forum! :)
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