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Maybe you find this interesting!:) Give me a chance:)

Whether it's cross country, marathon or gravity, post all your MTB chat here.

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Maybe you find this interesting!:) Give me a chance:)

01 May 2015 08:08

Hey. 16 september last year i quit my job, i was working in a mine in the north pole a place called Svea on Svalbard. I quit my job because i wanted to go all out on my cycling dream, and now i do!
I have created a website where you could follow my training and life in general.
I will write about anything, cycling, poem, how to maintenance your bike and much more.

Check it out, and give me a chance. Maybe you like it:)

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24 May 2015 17:31

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08 Sep 2015 12:23

No you have to keep going... ;-)
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