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Minimum MTB you would advise someone on purchasing?

Whether it's cross country, marathon or gravity, post all your MTB chat here.

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21 Dec 2015 20:34

King Boonen wrote:Sorry, missed all this! I would have recommended the Charge. They might not be very well known in the US but they are over here, mainly for their fixed/ss bikes (the Plug is extremely popular) and the Spoon saddle (which you have) that is about the comfiest thing you'll ever sit on (I've removed more expensive, lighter saddles to replace them with a Spoon). I have a few friends who ride the Cooker and they love them, great bikes.

As said, it's a great spec and will handle anything you're likely to throw at it. Tapered headtube means that if you want to upgrade the fork it'll be very easy. Not sure what length stem they ship with but if it's over 60mm you might want to consider shortening it. Other than that I'd happily ride that bike on anything I ride my BFe on.

Thanks for the information!

I hadn't even thought about stem length until you posted that. I'm not sure of the length, but I will have a look later. I know it's a handling issue, but why not over 60mm?
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05 Jan 2016 12:40

Longer stems just make tight turns a pain. If you're just riding long, flat fire roads, dusty trails then it's fine but as soon as you get on to some tight, twisty single track you'll find it a struggle with a big boat tiller out front. A shorter stem will also make it easier to get out over the back wheel when things get steep and let you run wider bars (which again help when things get fast and bumpy going downhill).

It's all personal preference of course so don't worry too much about it. Just get out and ride with these things in mind so you know what you can change if needed :)
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06 Jan 2016 18:15

Makes sense, thanks! I think I have a 70-75mm stem. The trails I mostly ride aren't that technical. A little here and there, but they are generally nice flowing single tracks. At least, so far!
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27 Jun 2016 22:49


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