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How to choose a serious carbon MTB wheels like a pro?

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How to choose a serious carbon MTB wheels like a pro?

27 Feb 2017 07:41

I m planning writing a article talk about how to choose a carbon wheels, I really need some advises from you guys,

for now I think if you really wanna fully customized carbon wheel-sets, you need to specification those items.

Hub model *
Rim outer width *
Freehub body *
Brake system *
Spoke *
Nipple *
Finish *
Weave *
Decal *
Tubeless tape *
Valve stem *

so my questions is ,do I miss sth? or some of them is unnecessary? please advise..
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27 Feb 2017 15:19

If you need to ask us what factors to consider when building a wheel I would politely suggest that you are not the right person to be writing the article.
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