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Repainting my Steel Touring Bike?

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Repainting my Steel Touring Bike?

21 Feb 2019 09:19

Hi all.

I’ve been on the road with my Touring Bike and gear for the better part of the last 3 years.

I’m currently riding the American Continent, but will be returning to NZ for the month of June to take care of some personal stuff and will then return to my Tour starting in Tuktoyaktuk!!

The bike has taken a real battering with a few dings and dents, but the paint work is a real mess....plus I’m sick of the colour and in need of something a little different?
Anyways, I’m gonna strip the bike down when I get home, up grade the drive train from 9 speed to 10 speed and look to get frame and fork re painted in a new colour.

Frame and fork is steel and I’m wondering if anyone out there knows of the correct guidelines or process that needs to take place for this?
I live in a small town and there will not be any specialist bike painters / fabricators there. I’m thinking of just visiting car painters or reapair workshops and ask that they do the work?

Assuming a full sandblasting to remove the original paint and then a new colour applied? Tough, durable and long lasting will be the theme over, shiny, flashy and pretty :D

Any advice, suggestions, hints, tips or tricks on what needs to happen here would be much appreciated.

Thanks if you can help me out.
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12 Mar 2019 21:38

I have done the DIY paint thing before and gotten decent results with stripping, priming, light sanding, then painting and cut and polishing with automotive paint. You do have to be careful of runs though.

I've been hearing good things about spray.bike, their paints and primers are purpose made and people seem to be getting good results.
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