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Contador on Mechanical Dura Ace in Giro 2015

Which tyres for Paris-Roubaix? Whose time trial bike is fastest? Suspension mountain bikes or singlespeeders? Talk equipment here.

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11 Jul 2015 11:11

ray j willings wrote:
JackRabbitSlims wrote:i'm not saying that none of this is possible

how long has Di2 been in use in the Pro Peloton? how many races, how many wet stages, how many bike cleans, strips etc etc
electronic shifting now on the mtb scene
surely a more robust, durable set up required to riding / racing in that environment?

a big company like Shimano pour plenty of time, money and resource into R & D and then all the testing before coming to market with something like this
quality control would also be top shelf here coming out of production in Japan
great reputation

imo i think someone dropped the ball (mechanic) and the knock on is huge

i doubt Shimano would be covering up a faulty product, esp at the tdf

just my thoughts / opinion

perhaps Ray's mate Richard down the local bike shop is ahead of the guys at Shimano and the tech's / mech's at the tour

again, if there is a groupset wide issue with Di2 at the tdf i would expect to see teams binning it and going full Mech....wouldn't you?

its and interesting discussion
lets continue it and hope more info comes to light

I posted this link on the previous page ,,,just in case you missed it

Nibs and Bertie and few others just wont use it. If you lose a race because of a computer glitch that somehow feels different to getting a flat tyre or doing a Schleck.
I can shift up quite a few cogs in a sweep using the paddle on my red to exactly the gear I want to be in.
I could do this with 7800 as well. I don't like pressing the button on electric shifting, it has a bit of a detached from the bike feel about it "clinical" It does work well but a bit soulless. I like the fact I can feel my way across the gears " sounds a bit wrong :D " You know what I mean.

Nibali is on Astana and they are ALL on mechanical Campagnolo. EPS has a 'feel' absent from Di2, a specific requirement from the riders, that Campagnolo was sure to design in. Their levers 'click'. Di2 doesn't.

BTW-both EPS and Di2 are multiple shifts in either direction. shimano mechanical and sram are one higher gear at a time..but you know that.
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