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Clipless MTB pedals/shoes combo for fixed wheel...

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Clipless MTB pedals/shoes combo for fixed wheel...

01 Sep 2015 13:12

I know, I know, rule #whateveritis, but I plan on doing some long rides over winter in crap conditions on my fixed wheel and there will be times I have to get off and push. With this in mind I think it's sensible to move off the SPD-SL pedals/shoes combo and get something with a bit of grip on the sole.

Requirements are a pedal with a bit of a platform that the shoe actually engages with if possible and more road-like shoes than trainer-type 5:10's etc.

I currently wear Sidi Genius 5-fit on my road bike and they fit like a glove, but I don't know if I can afford the Eagles. I have an old pair of Specialized road shoes (first ones in the line to have a ratchet) and compared to the Sidi's they are very uncomfortable (even with the same inner-sole which actually came from the Specialized shoes).

So, what are you riding/do you suggest? Any ideas very gratefully received!
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03 Sep 2015 15:04

I'm not sure I get exactly what it is you're looking for, but it sounds something like the Crank Bros. eggbeater mallets:


Cleats are similar to (regular) SPDs but are not interchangeable. Mallets do use the same cleat as the 'regular' eggbeaters, so I wear the same (Sidi MTB) shoes with both. On studded MTB shoes, the cleats sit recessed in relation to the studs so walking on a hard surface, the cleat does not contact the ground. Unlike 'regular' eggbeater pedals, mallets are are usable with trainers, at least for light duty. They're also the most mud-friendly pedal I've used.
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03 Sep 2015 16:26

Check out what cyclocross riders use - they tend to be resistant to mud, snow, and other debris. When I had a CX bike I used SPD pedals and recessed cleat touring shoes (I still use these on my hybrid bike).
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03 Sep 2015 20:05

The smaller contact point of SPDs or eggbeaters when compared to road pedals can mean that you feel the pedal pressure more as a point load if not using very stiff-soled shoes. The platform like the pedal pictured above can help spread the load. Similar platformers are available for SPDs. Platform type pedals are perhaps best if your shoes aren't race-stiff carbon types.
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