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have you buy from aliexpress?

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have you buy from aliexpress?

14 Sep 2015 06:31

I want to buy a bike frame from aliexpress,have someone buy from them before?Because the prices are ok but i want to know some opinions,i only saw positive reviews and this list of sellers...: http://trustsellers.com/aliexpress/trust-sellers-cycling-aliexpress-list/
Is worth?
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14 Sep 2015 09:01

In terms of quality you are taking the well known risk of buying an product of "unknown" quality. In terms of getting the product I believe Ray J Willings uses them a far bit and is very happy with them Hopefully he'll be along in a bit.
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14 Sep 2015 10:59

There are 7 threads about buying carbon frames in China on road bike review


If you dont get any assistance on here that it is...:)
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Re: have you buy from aliexpress?

14 Sep 2015 13:10

Yes I have used them as KB stated. I have bought smaller parts and have asked a few questions " contact seller"

I have never bought a frame and it can be hit and miss from what I have read on forums although I know a chap who bought a Pinarello copy and it's been fantastic. [ lighter than a real one :D ]
I would contact the seller first ask him questions about production and frame inspection. I would then tell him that you are planning to post your bike on cycling forums and your bike will be seen by a lot of people "potential buyers" and that if your frame is good you will consider buying another one. This should insure you get a decent frame. One that gets a proper check.
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11 Oct 2015 08:52

I wouldn't do it, I bet it looks like a proper bike frame but I doubt it will ride like a proper bike frame.
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11 Oct 2015 10:36

Buy from a seller with good rating and reviews. I've never bought a frame from Aliexpress, but I know people who got Chinarellos and have had no problems so far. I have also read many times about frames breaking in half while riding. Likely those came from obscure dealers, I think it's easy not being duped there.
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