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Wich Pedals(flat) on road bikes.

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Wich Pedals(flat) on road bikes.

15 Sep 2016 13:21

Wich type of pedals should i took on road bike?

So lets start i want stability and be able to push and pull pedal in up and down position.
I would like to have the light and cool looking also and maybe large contact aread if its really help with power transfers. I know the larger are heavier. But probably the larger one will provied better grip.

So i found some types.

1st one https://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/gear/product/original.mtb.sport.platform.pedals.9.16.axle/564/57278/


3rd https://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/gear/product/shredder.flat.pedals/564/73226/

The first have high contact area but second one is light wich type is better? I want ask also for shoes for flat pedals. I would have roadie with stiff sole ( do i even need stiff sole on flat??).

I cant ride spd due knees problems. Dont want hurt them.
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15 Sep 2016 13:39

You can't pull up on flat pedals.
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15 Sep 2016 13:48

If the contact area on the platform pedals is large (maybe about 20 square cm) then stiff soles aren't as important.
If the contact surface is thin bars, or 'bumps', then a stiff sole would be more comfortable.
I would wear shoes that are comfortable for walking on small stones.

Using 'toe clips' and loose straps will help keep your feet correctly positioned on the pedals. It's not really important to feel that you are 'pulling up' on the pedals - just that you keep your feet moving along with the pedals on the upstroke.

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15 Sep 2016 14:07

King Boonen wrote:You can't pull up on flat pedals.

I know but i can pull back in down position.

So wich types pedals is better ultra wdie or dh style for road bike?
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15 Sep 2016 17:38

Have you considered using older style road pedals with toe clips and straps - you can find these on ebay. I still have them on my 1984 Raleigh "show" bike.

My wife uses flat pedals with "half" toe clips. Check with your local bike shop; I'm sure they could provide recommendations.

Avoid pedals with sharp edges and points (like your option 2) - if your foot slips they can really gouge your legs.
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27 Feb 2017 22:37

I think the Original model is the best due to the studs seem to be more pointed to give you better shoe traction...as long as you're using the right shoe of course.

If you don't want clips and straps there is another option that will work almost as good called the Power Grips, see: http://www.powergrips.com/
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