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Owls can make you go faster (and more quietly)

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Owls can make you go faster (and more quietly)

16 Nov 2016 21:17

The article below reports a 10 decibel noise reduction for wind turbines by mimicking the owl wing. That also translates to less energy loss. Wind turbines are in the same speed range as bicycles :


Maybe we will see feathered spokes?
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20 Nov 2016 21:26

And when I just read the headline I was imagining some sort of weird contraption by which owls would somehow pull the bike, very quietly.
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21 Nov 2016 12:15

Wind turbines are pretty different to wheels. As for translating into less energy loss, I'm skeptical, especially when you read this:

Streamwise-oriented 'finlets' are installed on a wing or blade trailing-edge to reduce trailing-edge noise by up to 10dB without substantial changes to the aerodynamic performance and over a range of angles of attack

aerodynamic loses are bad, would need to see a lot more info on this but it seems unlikely for bikes based on this article.
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