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Enjoy a Safe and Secure Bike Ride: Top 4 Tips

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Enjoy a Safe and Secure Bike Ride: Top 4 Tips

03 Feb 2017 07:28

Riding a bike is always a great pleasure and a great way to stay fit. However, some issues often crop up during cycling, especially when you share the road with motorised vehicles. Therefore, you need to be on your guard and pay special attention to some basics when you are sharing the road with motorised traffic.

Some tips are given below on how to ride a bike safely (Information Credit- horsdnd & horsdnd). Remember, the tips are based on right hand traffic, so please keep the direction in mind if you are from a country with left hand traffic.

1. Check your bike:
Before beginning a ride on your cycle, you need to examine your cycle thoroughly. For example-
• You should check your cycling equipment in order to be ensured that your cycle is roadworthy and safe. Check the brakes to see if they are working properly or not.
• Make sure that the tyres are not punctured. In order to check it, you can put the tyre into a small bowl of water, and observe if any bubbles are coming out or not. If there are bubbles, that means the tyre is punctured.

2. Dress properly:
Dressing suitably is a must. It is recommended that you wear brightly coloured clothes and a reflective vest or use flashing lights, since they will increase your visibility. You should never wear high heels or flip-flops while biking. Instead, you should wear comfortable shoes that fit snugly and have flat soles. Wearing a helmet for safety and goggles for eye protection are also a good idea.

3. Maintain road safety rules:
Before heading out on a bicycle, you should keep some points in mind-
• Ride your bike in the direction of traffic
• If you want to turn left or right, look behind to be sure that it is clear and then signal your intent.
• Let other road users know your intentions by giving hand-signals.
• Stop when there are stop signs and watch out for traffic.
• This one is a cliché but is true: obey traffic rules and signals.
• Never use headphones and listen to music while cycling.
• Always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.
• If the road is narrow, don’t try to share lanes with other vehicles.
• Share the road with other vehicles wisely.

Be visible and clear to other riders:
In order to be visible to everyone on the road, you need to follow the points below-
• Use appropriate lighting to increase visibility, especially at night. Light is useful for both during the day and night-time.
• Cycling during night-times is not devoid of danger; in fact it is quite fraught with risk. Therefore, you need to be very careful. Use bright lights for high visibility.
• If you want to take a turn, use hand signals correctly. Suppose you want to take a right turn, give the signal with your right hand, and vice versa.

These are the points that you should keep in mind in order to ride your bike in perfect safety. Have a fantastic journey!
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03 Feb 2017 14:33

I have a much better way to tell if you have a puncture. Is it flat?

Bright clothes are for clowns.

Helmet for safety? Massive can of worms... It is not at all that simple.
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03 Feb 2017 16:24

Random thread topics by first time posters always raise a red flag for me, like this one for instance.

This is a cycling website, which for the most part our members are already cycling, recreational and professional bicycle racers or have ridden bikes in the past, if not they're here for the other threads that don't deal with cycling. A post such as this one made by a member that has never posted before, with an IP address from a location that's notorious for spamming this forum makes me think that this copied and pasted article taken from the internet, was not in good faith.

This is called grooming... Inflating a post count with benign comments before letting the spam fly when the forum mods and admins guards are down.

Only in this case, my spamdar is on high alert.

I hope I'm wrong and I'd love to welcome a new member into the forum but I would bet the farm that I'm not.

Nice post KB, it seems that you saw right through this topic's intent too... :D


I didn't notice the slippery little spam link until I read the post again (or you edited it... can you do that?). I guess I was wrong, this new member wasn't grooming, they went straight to spamming with a (not so)hidden link!

I'll fix that for you adamsmith... Question, how many smiths are located in your village in India? :rolleyes:
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