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Pro Team Road Frames

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Pro Team Road Frames

05 Apr 2017 12:59

Is it just me or have the pro team road bikes, gone to more traditional frame lines for 2017 ? bmc, cannondale, argon 18, specialized, all seem to have a more "traditional" look vs curved rear stays, sloping top tubes, etc. etc..
Anyone know the reason behind this ?
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06 Apr 2017 12:15

BMC, Cannondale, Colnago and Argon 18 have always had relatively traditional looking tubes and frame geometry (BMCs crazy lugs and joins aside). Giant's Propel is also relatively traditional in terms of the silhouette from the side.

However the likes of Trek, Pinarello, Scott and LaPierre are going less traditional than ever. It's a real mix.
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