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Specialized Alias seat post

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Specialized Alias seat post

09 Apr 2017 01:02

I needed some setback.. this has 35mm which is more than enough. The bolts are.. unreachable!!the back one is an easy Allen and the front one which is 6mm is under the nose of the seat..I used it today for @2.5 hours and it's still looking and feeling tight but I am worried that my girth and cowboy ride style will make the seat come off.
You get the rails under the seat clamps and only tighten the rear bolt the front is tightened as much as possible allowing you to position the seat .I had Easton and FSA before and both bolts play a role all other seatposts I have had were\are single bolt and straight forward. Looked on YouTube but no help
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Re: Specialized Alias seat post

09 Apr 2017 15:30

My Cervelo seat post looks similar to the Alias post - I eventually found out the front screw was to adjust saddle tilt and only needed to be finger tight. The rear screw locked down the saddle. I never had a problem over several years.

Stop by your local specialized dealer and ask their advice.
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