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Mavic Tires

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Mavic Tires

26 Jul 2017 14:37

According to this article, T. Phinney used Mavic clincher tires on his TDF TT bike

In a previous article on this site it was stated the tires were tubeless.

I could not find such a tire on the Mavic site.

Is the more information available?

Also what is your experience with Mavic tires?
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26 Jul 2017 16:02

It's an Yksion Pro Powerlink C I think:


No idea if they are tubeless though I'm afraid.

Some Mavic's came with my second hand fixed wheelset. They seemed pretty good but I went back to Conti GPs (standard ones, not the 4000s) which are pretty much my go to tyre for year round riding.
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27 Jul 2017 03:00

Thanks KB. Your post led me to this site that has a tubeless tire. Seems sealant is required but still lighter than a tube. I will investigate tubeless at a later date, but will pass this on to a triathlete friend,
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Today 04:04

I'm posting this here because I have a dual problem.. I have been using two wheel sets ,one w the Mavic hospitality tires 23's that came with the bike.. they were ok , light and lasted for decent milage..my other wheels had Continental Gatorskin Hardshell 23's.. both sets of tires are toast.. I have two questions.. is there anything else besides the Gatorskins that is decent against punctures and doesn't feel dead?
Second is there benefit going to a 25? I have read about rolling resistance, but I am most interested in having as few flats as possible..
A pair looks to be@90-100 dollars.. that is about the most I like to spend on non- racing tires.. thanks for any feedback.. I ride mostly on dry roads ..
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