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Cycling shoes

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Cycling shoes

08 Aug 2017 12:12

My cycling partner have tourettes, the kind of tourettes the makes he (more or less "controlled") lash he arm or leg out to the side.

A normal cycling shoe with clipless pedals or a toe clip with or with out straps makes he feel  locked.  This feeling of beeing locked makes he tics exploded, to the point where it is not safe.

We do mostly road biking, we ride serval times a weeks for around 2-5 hours.

What I am looking for is shoes and paddles that will be optimal for he under the circumstances. If any have some experiences or ideas that migth be helpfull that would be appreciated.

- OneDown
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08 Aug 2017 15:38


Sounds like some flat pedals and suitable shoes would be the best option then. Something like Shimano Saint pedals and 5:10 freeriders.
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08 Aug 2017 18:03

I agree with KB. These pedals (or similar) are grippy in combination with fairly flat "rubber" shoe soles.. I used these on my mountain bike. Of course one can't pull up on the pedals.
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