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Touring Bike:- Upgrade from 9speed to 10 Speed Questions.

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Touring Bike:- Upgrade from 9speed to 10 Speed Questions.

06 Dec 2017 09:37

I'm wanting to upgrade my Touring Bike from a 9 speed drive train to 10 speed.

Probably something along the lines of the Shimano XT T8000 groupset.

I have some questions regarding the swap out of my current set up to the new one.

I currently have a Sugino Triple up front, and XT long cage derailleur, 9 speed cassette & Chain (obviously) and have a Shimano UN55 Cartridge BB with Square Taper interface with the cranks. BSA 68mm case with 118 axle length.

If I move to the T8000 groupset, it will involve Hollowtech II technology. Is this just a straight swap over to the new BB set up? Something like the XT BB-MT 800. Will I need spacers?

Will I need a new freehub body to accommodate the new 10 speed cassette? Rear hub is an XT

Thanks if you can help me out.
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06 Dec 2017 11:32

Straight swap for cranks and BB, might need a spacer or two behind the drive side cup. Be aware that the XT cups are smaller than the standard Shimano cups and require a different size tool. They supply a plastic reducer but I've found these can be quite variable and some slip too much to get the cups on properly. Park sell a tool that does both the smaller Shimano cups and the oversized (FSA?) cups. It's the BBT29. You can use a standard size BB though, the XT one isn't required. I recommend Hope, cup stays in a you just change the bearings.

10 speed MTB cassette is the same size as 9 speed MTB cassette I believe. Road would need a 1mm spacer, I don't think MTB does.
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06 Dec 2017 12:00

Thanks KB.

Run XT on my MTB, and have those tools / reducer that you mention.

Good to hear it's a straight swap in terms of cranks / BB & Cassette.

Thanks for your help.
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27 Aug 2018 00:38

Why do you want an extra gear? is it so you can pedal easier up hills while doing loaded touring? if so I have a newsflash for you, going from 9 to 10 gears won't do a darn thing in that respect. So if that's what you're trying to do you need to find a rear gear cluster with 38 to 40 (if you can find this one) teeth. It sounds like you're going the expensive route and haven't given us enough information as to why you are wanting to do that, all I'm saying is that you may not have to go the expensive route unless you need to for some reason unexplained in your post.
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19 Nov 2018 04:07

If your frame has a 68mm BB shell, 130mm rear axle spacing, and is disc brake compatible, it should be a pretty straight swap.
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