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How fussy/temperamental is the pf30a bottom bracket?

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How fussy/temperamental is the pf30a bottom bracket?

22 Mar 2018 15:58

I'm considering upgrading my 2012 Cannondale Evo HM to a 2016 Evo. After 25,000km+ my old Evo still rides beautifully, and the bottom bracket has been dead silent and running perfectly ever since I put in a Chris King bb a few years ago. I'd like to try out the new Evo, but the prospect of having bottom bracket trouble/noise is very unappealing. Any input would be helpful.
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Re: How fussy/temperamental is the pf30a bottom bracket?

24 Mar 2018 16:47

I use King and Wheels Manufacturing bb's, PF30 and BB86. No noises here. King worked for you famously up to this point so I think you just answered your own question. General rule of thumb is to never use those junk plastic cup bb's from Shimano or Sram and you'll be fine.
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25 Mar 2018 00:05

Usually the BB shells for PF 30 are not very round. Then when you press in the plastic/nylon BB cups they will distort the bearings and cause them to grind.
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