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EU-based webshop for jerseys?

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EU-based webshop for jerseys?

10 Mar 2009 19:19

Can someone recommend a European webshop for road cycling gear. Jerseys and such in particular. When I google it is all American sites. Found chainreactioncycles.com so far. Must be more:confused:

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Prendas Ciclismo

10 Mar 2009 20:10

Prendas Ciclismo is the best. Unique jerseys and great service.

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10 Mar 2009 22:14

Checked it out and it looks good.
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11 Mar 2009 02:26

I live in Australia and I use Prendas all the time, great service and great products at great prices.
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11 Mar 2009 06:30

Prendas is great. Super quick deliverly too
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11 Mar 2009 20:18

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11 Mar 2009 23:03


Good service and timely delivery. Don't know about shipping costs outside EU.


official Ronde van Vlaanderen store, amongst others for retro gear but also contemporary pro jerseys. Good service and delivery, again, don't know about outside EU deliveries.

I haven't ordered anything here, but their prices are competitive. The downside is that they charge an arm and a leg to ship it outside the EU.

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12 Mar 2009 13:20

Absolutley agree with the Prendas vote
Its one of the nicer places to spend your money. Good quality, rapid delivery and many low volume items.

wiggle.co.uk have not let me down either, but their range of kit is more mainstream
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15 Mar 2009 19:35


check out also:


They sell Nallini staff, got a Lampre bib from them, no problem at all.
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Placed an order at

24 Mar 2009 19:53

Prendas today. Jerseys and such.
So far good respons with order confirmation and tracking number.

Thanks for your answers. I will check the other sites too.
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Re: EU-based webshop for jerseys?

29 Jul 2015 07:22

I can totally recommend Bobshop - a German shop I guess.
Top quality and regarding the TDF - best Pro Team kits: ;)

But also other stores like fahrrad.de have good stuff.
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