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Best Foot Forward

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Best Foot Forward

15 Jun 2009 20:03

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
After about 2-2.5hrs on the road, my big toe starts to feel like someone's just whacked a nail through it (from the front).
Naturally, this makes rides of 3-4hrs rather uncomfortable, which is a problem when i'm wanting to do longer Sportives and the like...

Experiences, thoughts...
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15 Jun 2009 21:54

This may sound stupid, but I had a similar complaint a while back, after 2.5 to 3 hrs sometimes less, I got pain all across my toes. Basically it was the type of shoes I was wearing. I don't think they suited my feet. New shoes saw me right again.

Obviously if this is a recent problem with shoes you normally wear, discount my post :)
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16 Jun 2009 02:17

Perhaps a circulation problem?

After 2-2.5hrs your feet will have swollen a bit, because of the heat that inevitably develops from the pushing and pulling motion. The result is that your toes might have some trouble finding a little breathing space... You could try to loosen your straps/buckle a little, so that your toes are less snug in the toebox. If it is still too tight, try to ride without socks, which I find more pleasant anyway. Sometimes you can even remove the inlay sole, and replace it with a thinner one. See if the extra space gives you more comfort.

If the problem persists, I would try other shoes...
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16 Jun 2009 04:33

I'm not a physiotherapist but i'd recommend seeing one. Pain in your big toe could be cramped feet from tight shoes - or it could be referred pain from a pinched nerve problem as high as your spine.
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16 Jun 2009 12:07

Interesting. Cheers for the repsonses.

I actually wore thinner socks when this occured in the last two weeks, and these are the same shoes I've had for a few years now.
I'm just back from over 2 months off with a back injury that did involve a pinched nerve in my lower back, but I was under the impression that this was now okay...

Am back at the chiro tonight for more NSA treatment so will see if that alters anything on sunday.
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