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Extreme quadriceps starting pain after 3-4 rest days

21 Feb 2017 23:06

Hi Shayne. I watched that video and of the 3/4 symptoms mentioned I have only had the severe cramps. I've never had the second wind, fatigue when exercising or the red urine (the other symptoms). You mentioned you didn't have second wind. What about red urine (rhabdomyolysis?)? How did you get on with the dietitian also? Cheers Clarky
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26 Feb 2017 07:51

My cramps do occur after rest days (I travel with work and exercise is not possible) If I consume carbs combined with no exercise during this period I will cramp,..sure as when returning to exercise .... the only possible escape from a week of cramps when returning to exercise is to avoid carbs during a period of "no exercise" . I dont have an answer but believe the reduction of carbs may contribute to escaping from the "hell" dealing with muscle cramps when returning to exercise
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05 Mar 2017 14:22

Shayne, I'm glad to hear you've got some sort of diagnosis, and I really look forward to hearing what the recommended dietary or other guidance is.

My first reaction after reading the list of McArdle's symptoms was similar to those above -- basically, no way. McArdle's is described as a genetic inability to process muscle glycogen. But many of us here are high functioning athletes with plenty of explosive power available without a warmup (ever show up to a cyclocross race with just enough time to get to the line?). And what many of us experience is entirely episodic; with a certain set of preconditions, like an unusual amount of rest, long-haul travel, or increased carb intake, and particular eccentric muscle activity (ie walking downhill), an episode occurs, which lasts for days until it clears up.

But the more I think about it, the more I think it's probably a mistake to try to find some holy grail of matching symptoms with a corresponding magic treatment. It seems clear that most of us are experiencing some sort of metabolic myopathy -- basically, with the right conditions, we go into rhabdomyolysis. It seems very likely there is a combination of genetic factors, specific body chemistry levels brought about through particular rest/dietary conditions, and physical triggers that makes a sort of perfect storm to initiate an episode. Maybe it doesn't match the exact set of symptoms that define McArdle's, but biology is always on a spectrum.
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09 Mar 2017 14:58

I think your probably right... I have given up looking for a cure/solution other than to reduce the level of training I do. Cycling was pretty much my life but it has helped me to prioritise a few things like family and work. Ironically I actually feel like I have a better balance now - I still enjoy cycling (although no longer racing) and I don't worry about having a couple of extra beers and gaining a couple of pounds! It's meant I've spent more times with the kids as well. I also bought a motocross bike which is a nice distraction ; )
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