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Anti-depressants and training

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09 Feb 2015 03:29

I've gone back on Cipralex and Wellbutrin. I haven't been on the bike much but Cipralex had the same problem as Prozac. Riding on the meds makes me feel like I have no top-end. I can go steady but the hard efforts don't work so well.

I'm just starting a trial of reducing the Cipralex and increasing the Wellbutrin. I haven't been on the bike to test the effect of Wellbutrin on heart rate.
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Re: Anti-depressants and training

19 Oct 2017 10:02

This is a subject that is close to home. My family on both sides have mental illness. Less so on my fathers side. My mother was a paranoid schizophrenic. Luckily, I've never been accused or diagnosed with that. Hope I don't pass it on to my son or grandchildren..... I spent 30 years with depression and really didn't want to accept it and it made life hell on my wife and myself.

Alot of people have situational depression, ie, their lives just are ****. AD's really don't work so well on them. Me on the other hand, had a sucky life but in my mid to late 20's started to get better but I still suffered black moods, unexplained crying etc. One day the world could simply end up black. Nothing in particular happened, there was no change in my life. It was something I could almost feel physically. my head felt heavy, irregular heartbeats, etc. I hurt my back really bad and the doctor recommended an AD to try to manage the pain though I think she saw signs of depression as well.

After about 48 hours on it, it's like the sky was blue and a new outlook on the world occured and I was able to deal with problems much easier. Didn't take my problems away, just allowed me to handle them without the physiological responses and became much less umpredictable in my mood.

in my 20's I was a amatuer and professional kickboxer/muay thai. I trained like a mad man. It really battled my psychological issues. But I had to be constantly training and in peak shape to stave those things off. I think the AD DID decrease my desire to train but the trade off was worth it. I hope to someday be off it but I don't know if I'm simply stuck with it.

So much stigma about a disease that is organic to the brain as cancer is to the body. No stigma for cancer but a mental illness and all of a sudden you are a pariah. Alot of people just self medicate. after beginning treatment, I quit drinking totally and preserved my marriage and was able to parent much more evenly and effectively. FWIW....
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27 Oct 2017 18:55

I'm interested in this too. Am thinking of getting on anti-depressants but I'm not sure how it will affect my performance in working out
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