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Supplement to aid weight loss?

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23 Mar 2010 12:21

startrek1818 wrote:I would like advice have just join the forum and found this post ,i'm a club racer .Train on a 4 week program 3 weeks on, 1 week recovery.
Now i'm 5 7" weight 63 kilo's need to be 59 kilo's,in the last year have put on 3 kilo's .I have a big race /Tour in 5 weeks ,need to climb hills with out 3 kilo's .
Finding it hard to move because of the amount of,exercise i do eg 6 days 2/3 hours on bike ,2 sessions of Rpm ,plus 2 weight circuits a week .
Always hungry eat a lot of carbs ,lot of lollies (crave sugar ) no i can't just eat protein will not have enough energy to train with .Any help on foods that i might eat that will stop me feeling hungry or craving sugar.

The lollies/candies are one problem - pure junk and calories. Furthermore, they will cause hunger pangs once the initial high wears off. So first step is to not eat lollies. Eat fruit instead. Fruit has a high fiber content, which makes you feel full, as well as having some of the sugar you crave plus vitamins and minerals.

Second step is to plan your day. Ideally, you should aim for a 60-20-20 balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Don't ignore high quality, lean proteins. To avoid being hungry, spread your calorie consumption throughout the day with morning and afternoon snacks. Ideally, eat 20-25% of your daily caloric requirements at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the remainder with snacks throughout the day. Snacks should be nutritious, not junk.

Lastly, eat properly on the bike or during exercise.
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23 Mar 2010 13:21

maanderx wrote:Four years ago in a moment of madness, I went onto a website and purchased
some dieting pills which promised weight loss. The pills were Xenical. They were
rubbish and didn't work at all.

The worst thing about it is that I'm still being bombarded with emails for the
company trying to sell me more tablets. The emails are always from a different
email address. At the time of ordering my hotmail account wasn't working so
I used my usual email address. What a big mistake.

Xenical doesnt make you lose weight. It is designed to limit your ability to absorb fat from the foods that you eat (and any excess fat will theoretically pass right through your digestivbe system). The net results are in two parts.
1) You MIGHT learn nerw eatingh habits if you don't like the way you are having to go to the toilet constantly due to the excess fat.
2) you will also nolonger absorb as much GOOD fat from oily fish etc (this is Omega-3 fatty acids). That means you are in a worse position regarding colesterol etc.

Either way, as soon as you stop taking them you will gain weight if you didnt learn any new habits
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13 Jul 2011 18:55

Following are some tips for losing weight :
1 Eat healthy food
2 Drink plenty of water
3 Avoid junk and oily food
4 Do Yoga and exercise
5 Regularly exercising.
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02 Jan 2018 10:56


I try to eat 150 calories every 2.5 hours that I am awake. If I'm going to exercise for an extended amount of time (non-weight lifting activities), I will eat more right before and slightly after.
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