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How do pros hold their form?

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How do pros hold their form?

21 May 2013 09:52

For example take Simon Spilak who has been good all year long and is constantly good as hell and others cannot hold form for sh*t...

Do any of you guys hace any good insights of how they train to always be in super good race form and get results?
Herr Katt
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21 May 2013 22:11

They can either taper towards events (reducing their form afterwards) or try to keep a fairly consistent level over a longer period. Then you have individual body differences, discipline in eating/training, being careful with overtraining, picking your spots (making it seem like you have better form by not using energy uselessly), types of recovery and 'recovery', etc.
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21 May 2013 22:52

Because 1) there is no off season (in terms of training) and 2) they are professional. Riding their bike and then putting their feet up to recover is their JOB. They don't have to commute to work, put in 8 hours plus, commute THEN try to get training in.
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22 May 2013 06:13

Any athlete has rest periods for mental and physical recovery. Anyone that's hot all year is either mutant or not what they appear to be. Younger riders can maintain the motivation and attitude but eventually minor wear and tear require a healing break.
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25 May 2013 07:58

Hamish Ferguson
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