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What Would You Change?

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What Would You Change?

30 Mar 2009 11:47

If you could name a few things that you know now that you wish you knew when you first started out as a cyclist, what would they be?

I've started my list at Cycling Tips
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31 Mar 2009 00:01

nice list, pretty much covered everything with only a few additions;

1. How important bike fit is and why you should buy your first bike from reputable bike store that knows what they are doing. I spent 2yrs on a frame too small and never got comfortable.

2. Proper bike maintenance - snapped a chain within 1yr due to poor lubrication.

3. importance of streching and core work.

4. how expensive all the 'toys' are!!! i always seem to 'need' something else
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24 Apr 2009 16:58

mherm79 wrote:2. Proper bike maintenance - snapped a chain within 1yr due to poor lubrication.

I second the maintenance thought. You can be in the best shape of your life, but if the bike isn't in good shape you're rollin' the dice..... There's nothing worse than your derailleur falling apart in a TT. Ask me how I know....:rolleyes:
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24 May 2009 09:05

Less distance more intensity, I have wasted my time over the years slogging miles thinking it was going to make me faster,,,, idiot
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25 May 2009 05:18

Good question...

1. Pump up your tyres (often!)

2. Get your cadence up

3. Ditch the junk miles and get more structure into workouts

and the biggest one of all (for me anyway)

4. Time on the turbo is worth 2x-3x time on the road

oh and...

5. Cat 3/4 races always come back together (well almost always!)
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25 May 2009 13:01

Interval training (which is perhaps the same as "periodize your training" in the thread starter's original list).
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