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Thigh Adductor Muscle Pain

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Thigh Adductor Muscle Pain

30 Sep 2015 10:38


I Have started feeling pain in my Inner thigh, Adductor muscles both sides when i push hard. Can someone please help if this has been experienced by anybody? what's the cause? And how this can be cured? or corrected?

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Re: Thigh Adductor Muscle Pain

05 Oct 2015 19:38


I have the sames issues, stated last year, in my left leg and ran down to the inside of my knee was sore, had to take 4 weeks of the bike. And it's never relly gone away just eases up, it's kick of in my right leg now but I'm just manage at the moment.

Sorry I don't have any answer just try and manage it
Just out of interest What's your bikes set up ie pedals ect?

Cheers dave
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02 Nov 2015 06:58

It's possible that your saddle is slightly too wide, even if it doesn't feel like it. I've had this a few times over the years (not badly) with a saddle that was only a few mm wider than my regular saddle.
It was worse when I was fatter :D
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Re: Thigh Adductor Muscle Pain

07 Nov 2015 20:28

Could possibly be an inguinal hernia too. Unlikely, but worth getting checked out by a physio if pain is persistent. Also known as Gilmore's Groin.

More likely to be other more easier to fix stuff. Do you gently stretch warm adductors daily?
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