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Cycling after a heart attack.

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Cycling after a heart attack.

23 Aug 2017 07:25

I am a 44 year old very healthy racing fit cyclist who had a heart attack 6 days ago. They put a stent in and removed a clot. Currently I do a easy 10k walk in the morning as I am a bit scared to get my heart rate up. I am waiting to get into the rehabilitation program and start excercising in the supervised cardiovascular gym and hopefully get my confidence back.
I can't find much information about excersising after a heart attack at racing intensity and I wonder if there are people on this forum who are in the same boat as me and are willing to share their experience.
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23 Aug 2017 11:14

Please ask your doctor and rehablitation help about this. It is not appropriate for anyone here to give such vital medical advice.

Thank you.
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