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smart trainers

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smart trainers

14 Mar 2018 20:44

Hi All,

Have most of you gone the route of a smart trainer ?

I've got my old kinetic and cycleops pro still kicking around.

I have not yet gone the route of a smart trainer due to cost, but will be doing so in the next month or so.

I'm intrigued to hear from the cyclingnews community.
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15 Mar 2018 03:15

I have the Kinetic Road Machine | Smart Control. It costs $570. I bought it just last year before the winter. I really have enjoyed it. IMHO it's worth it. It makes indoor riding so much more tolerable. You can of course use things like Zwift and Rouvy. I'm not super read up on all the different software available to use with smart trainers. I've just used the two I mentioned. Zwift is nice from the social angle. I find that the competitiveness helps me ride harder and helps with building good form.

I've only used Rouvy several times. I enjoyed the fact that you can ride actual climbs like Mt. Ventoux, Alpe d'huez ect. Rouvy has SO many things you can do. It simulates different climbs and actual routes from around the world. It has workout choices from other smart trainer software companies like training peaks. You can do your usual interval training....and man can it create some hard resistance! You can be in your easiest gears and the resistance on the trainer can give you a crazy hard time!
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