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Poll: New Website Layouts

Home for all your redesign feedback. We'll make all our important announcements here too!

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Pol: Your opinion of the website changes

I like the changes.
I do not like the changes.
I like the new layout more than the previous one.
I like the previous layout more.
I would like to see different layouts proposed and have the readers vote on them.
I would like a layout similar to the webpage I refer to below.
No votes
Other - please provide details below.
Total votes : 29

Poll: New Website Layouts

15 Apr 2011 15:49

Which choice reflects your opinion of the new Cyclingnews website layout?
This poll accepts multiple responses.

Please provide details as to which page you are referring to or if you are referring to the changes in general.

Junior Member
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Location: Puerto Rico

15 Apr 2011 17:00

people are skeptical to change.:rolleyes:
User avatar Rubertow
New Member
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Joined: 20 Nov 2010 10:03

15 Apr 2011 17:53

Personally I dislike the changes, mainly because now the actual website with the information is much too small compared to the advertisement and it no longer reads pleasantly, it also distracts from the articles themselves, although I do realize why it is.
User avatar Barrus
Senior Member
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15 Apr 2011 20:14

does it help that i didnt even notice
User avatar Boeing
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16 Apr 2011 10:13

Boeing wrote:does it help that i didnt even notice

Neither did I . one thing i can do now is turn internet explorer up to 200% and shift everything left so then I cant see the adds.
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16 Apr 2011 11:02

Sorry, but to be honest, I didnt realize it changed either, what is different.

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16 Apr 2011 21:03

I like the new layout its subtle but effective. I also like the inclusion of the videos in the reportage.
The reason I chose OTHER is because the "recent" Forum threads are not placed in the respective sections. I wind up in clinic etc. when i did not want to. Apart from that minor complaint the site is GREAT. Thanks for the awesome job.
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21 Apr 2011 15:59

I am missing the news wrapups that we had each day (section were several news items were grouped together). You dropped them once before, then brought them back and now gone again.
~I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming in terror like his passengers~

Andy Hampsten!
User avatar Wrecktangle
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22 Apr 2011 00:43

Other: Lets go back to the version before this one or two back.

User avatar ElChingon
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