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Is this news?

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Is this news?

19 Apr 2011 10:07


This news item would have been sourced directly from a GreenEdge/Santini media release sent to cyclingnews.com and contains no original research on behalf of this website's journalists/production editors.

It might be interesting knowing in advance who the kit and bike sponsor is for this team, but is it news? Does it have a place on this website? It reads more like an infomercial.
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19 Apr 2011 10:27

Why don't they use an Australian clothing manufacturer?

Its on obvious cut and past crap-itorial.
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19 Apr 2011 22:43

team sponsors ARE news. the whole sport is a rolling billboard,right? how is that new?
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19 Apr 2011 23:33

Why not get them made in China? Santini are the best there is so that is why they use them but you need 2 sizes bigger than most but having said that Body Touque made Jayco kit for last 10 years the big issue is size santini make so many sizes so to get perfect fit.
but can they keep up with demand.
I go back to the 1960's and remember the old Vicking kits when it rained they would drop around your ankles wooly shorts!!!! but they had to last all season no replacements.
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