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New site design: Post all feedback here

Home for all your redesign feedback. We'll make all our important announcements here too!

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Re: New site design: Post all feedback here

20 May 2015 10:48

Cyclingnews has made 4 or 5 radical changes in the past 10 years and every single one of them has made the site less user friendly.
the vagabond
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Re: New site design: Post all feedback here

28 May 2015 07:45

"Today on Cyclingnews" - very first item, is a PREVIEW of the Stage 14 ITT - which was held 5 days ago.
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08 Jul 2015 01:58

Can you change the number of posts per page in the forum in settings somehow???
Please please please
20 posts per page is so terrible, constantly having to load a new page
This should be a user define setting with ability to view minimum 100 posts per page

Just awful
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20 Sep 2015 20:38

Is there a reason that I have links to old articles at the top of the page for a current article? For example at the top of the Johan Museuw article about his disappointment with with former fried and teammate Wilfred Peters. These articles are from 2014 and unrelated to the Museuw article.
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21 Dec 2015 06:07

Has anyone reviewed the format of the 2016 Team Bikes guide page? Half the columns are missing due to the "Daily Deals" ads. Any chance of the layout being made a bit more user friendly?
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08 Mar 2016 11:45

picture galleries are disgraceful crap
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24 Jul 2016 11:17

I'm glad for all the race/rider coverage and the women's races especially but it's weird to open a forum page and see photo ads for stories featuring women's boobs or butts. Imagine you are reading an article about Tour de Pologne and at the bottom is a photo-blurb for penis enhancement. Distracting at best.
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02 Aug 2016 08:18

Don`t know where to post this ... But I try here. I can´t read comments to articles when I´m reading it in Microsoft Edge/Windows 10 but it works fine in Chrome. Is it some settings in my computer or is it something "wrong" at CN?
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Unusably slow

21 Apr 2019 07:47

All the ad-related junk renders the site so slow it is virtually useless by now...
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