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why were comments on israel censored?

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why were comments on israel censored?

01 Dec 2014 17:25

Had a strange - as to now unexplained experience - on these here pages. Long-time reader (first time caller :-), I was moved to add a comment to a story about Sagan's new team in Israel. I added a small note, in gentle terms, that I was disappointed in him because there's a growing movement to boycott Israel economically and culturally, as we did with South Africa in the 80s, hoping that it will end it's occupation of Palestinian land. Really not much to it and certainly not remotely profane or insulting. There were about 50% of comments that agreed and 50% that didn't. But the disagreers were extremely insulting. I tried to respond to the content (but not the flaming) and as soon as I hit "post" I got a message that it was waiting for moderation. And I was cool with that, because some posters were unhinged in their defense of Israel and hatred of anyone who questions it's policies. So, I waited for a moderator to post my comment. Nada.

But in the meantime, the most flagrant abuser (TruthIsTruth) continued to post. Either without moderation or with. Dunno.

I finally signed up a new account to see if it was just me. Hey presto, my message posted. But then all comments were erased, without explanation. I wrote to the forums email for an explanation and all the masthead emails. No response.

I've rarely looked around the forums here (as opposed to articles) and see there's lots of political discussion and any story about Israel is going to have some commentary.

As no one from Cycling News will address this, I'd like to hear from others for why this would happen. It makes me highly dubious of their story-writing (the journo, probably should've make some mention of the boycott or the fact that there were no Arab (20% of population) cyclists in the team or something different from the press release they were cutting and pasting.

I'm about to be a former reader . . . will decide when I hit post here (maybe I'm still being moderated?)
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01 Dec 2014 21:05

The comments sections are currently disabled and the explanation is now given - security concerns. It says on the main site:-

Cyclingnews was one of a number of media websites to have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army on Thursday. The Independent, Daily Telegraph, OK magazine, the NHL were also reportedly affected.

Cyber attack on third party did not compromise user data
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01 Dec 2014 23:08

bikelo wrote:As no one from Cycling News will address this...

Welcome to our world. :D
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03 Dec 2014 14:17

I'm sorry you've had this experience - Gigya was indeed hacked by the Syrian National Army and we have removed their commenting service to prevent any other activity like this on the site.

We are in the process of investigating other commenting system providers, and want to update this as soon as we can. We are also about to launch a new version of the site, so the commenting may remain 'off' for longer than we'd like.

We have kept a record of the comments that were made before Gigya was hacked and we plan to re-instate them with a new commenting system. It may mean that your comment that was awaiting moderation has been lost - unfortunately I can't check this for definite at the moment.

In the meantime, if you have any other problems or questions about how the site works, or the commenting or anything else, please share your thoughts here on the forum or via our feedback form.

Thank you for letting us know this happened, and I am sorry for any frustration its caused,

- Bonny
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