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Main site keeps freezing my browser (firefox)

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Main site keeps freezing my browser (firefox)

27 Jan 2015 00:49

Seems to be a problem with my browser (firefox) since no one else has complained (or I've missed it).

Oddly enough it's only the cyclignews site, all other sites work just fine.

Has anyone else experienced this? What may be the cause?


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11 Mar 2015 18:40

Yes, I am using Firefox and have a similar problem. It's not freezing permanently but hangs for a while and scrolling becomes impossible until something 'gives' and I can inch a bit further down the page. I've given up reading some articles because of this. No problem on other sites, some of which (newspapers, for example) have a lot more info on the page.
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12 Mar 2015 01:10

I use Firefox on a Dell PC with 4mb ram and IE 11.0.11 and never had a problem.
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