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resetting my password?

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resetting my password?

12 Mar 2015 23:41

I get instructions to reset my password and I will get a temporary one so I can go to my profile and reset my random generated password. problem is I don't know the random password and I cannot copy it to reset the random password to my chosen one. So this could be hard to do.
User avatar Master50
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12 Mar 2015 23:53

It did finally work but after several attempts. last time through I went a different page when I clicked the same link and things started to work after that
User avatar Master50
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13 Mar 2015 00:22

Anyone else struggling, go to 'Edit profile' in top right hand corner, 'Profile', then 'Edit account settings', that should get you there....
User avatar ferryman
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15 Mar 2015 17:46

Did every user have to reset their passwords? I reset mine to the EXACT SAME ONE, so I don't see why it was required unless it was a broad exercise that all forum users took part in.
User avatar Irondan
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15 Mar 2015 20:24

Hi irondan,

Yes, everyone had to reset their password - it was a necessary step in our move from VBulletin to phpBB. If anyone is having problems re-setting their password, I will investigate this tomorrow (Monday 16th March) when I am back in the office. I will work through all the queries on the the feedback form as fast as possible.
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Re: resetting my password?

16 Mar 2015 00:27

I never changed anything. I saw a password reset email I think but I just hit the log in button and here I am I assume my password is the same but can't say for sure
User avatar krebs303
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21 Mar 2015 12:30

Why do I have to log in every time I visit forum when I check the "log me in automatically" box
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