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Race Results Issue

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Race Results Issue

24 Feb 2016 23:37

I've noticed occasionally that oddly an article about the also-ran, 2nd place rider (usually Australian), will appear before one actually giving the proper respect to the actual winner, almost always non-Australian. Case in point is today's Langkawai opening stage. An article about the second place Drapac rider shows up on the site before the official article on the race result and winner Guardini. Seems odd to me and if I'm not mistaken is not the first time this has occurred.
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Re: Race Results Issue

25 Feb 2016 18:24

I've noticed this frequently. Also, the website seems to focus on US, Aus, and NZ races/riders. I find this rather strange, as the parent company which was Future publishing were based in Britain like the current owners, Immediate Media Co.
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