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06 Sep 2017 18:17

Now that Serena is out of the game does Venus get free reign of the family PED's cabinet?

She has made a remarkable resurgence in her sisters absence, at the youthful age of 37 with her debilitating illnesses...
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06 Sep 2017 19:31

The King of dopers is about to make the semifinals, where he will likely meet the one guy who is just as juiced as he is.

Tough to take tennis' stance on drugs seriously as long as the Big 4 and the Williams sisters face no consequences.
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03 Oct 2017 17:25

The litany need amending with the addition of the washbag excuse.


More plausible than most and with charlie not even banned out of competition, Evans puts up a well-constructed defence, all in all.
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Re: Tennis

15 Oct 2017 15:20

Federer and Nadal in the final again.

Are we in a time warp?

Maybe Djokovic will win 3 slams next season; nothing would surprise me at this point.
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16 Nov 2017 19:47

This may be a lesson to Spartacus and what's his name:
Rafael Nadal wins damages against French ex-minister over doping claim

A Paris court ordered Roselyne Bachelot to pay 12,000 euros in damages and legal costs to the world number one for comments she made on television last year. Nadal had sought 100,000 euros in an attempt to set an example. Bachelot was also given a suspended fine of 500 euros.

In March 2016, Bachelot – then a TV pundit having been health and sports minister from 2007-2010 – accused Nadal on the D8 channel of having feigned injury during a seven-month absence from the circuit in 2012 to cover up a positive drugs test.

The ten-times winner of Roland Garros sued the ex-minister, calling on the International Tennis Federation to publish his test results. The federation replied that the player could reveal them himself, confirming that he had never been tested positive.
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16 Nov 2017 21:45

Breaking News:
Roselyn Bachelot ordered to pay 12,500 Euros for telling the truth

What a world we live in.
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17 Nov 2017 15:12

I suggest Daniel Song read the previous post.
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