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13 Sep 2018 02:39

Zebadeedee wrote:As regards steroids abuse, she remains one of the most suspected players in professional tennis right now to which any number of articles about her attest, e.g:- https://www.quora.com/Is-Serena-Williams-on-steroids
The Williams sisters also had some of the most-suspicious TUE's among those leaked in the Fancy Bears' ADAMS hack. Suggests they are willing to misuse the exemptions system to get drugs (corticosteroids, beta-agonists, opioids), and thus fits into the pattern of evasive behavior
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Re: Tennis

13 Sep 2018 08:57

Merckx index wrote:And no one has responded to my links, because no one can. The difference between a competent cartoonist and Knight—who may be racist, incompetent and/or lazy, take your pick—is that competent cartoonists identify subjects by features that are specific to them as individuals, not to the entire race which they belong. That takes more work, more drawing skill. His depiction of Serena’s face doesn’t look like her at all. So much easier just to caricature an African-American in general. He couldn't be bothered to do even that much with Osaka, just portraying her as a generic Caucasian blonde.

Oh no I can, easily, I'd just gotten bored with this discussion, dripping as it is with ironic hypocritical ignorance, and checked out. Three points:

1) Rice in particular from your links does not have the historically stereotypical features of an African-American. But Williams does, in spades. There's probably never been another famous female African-American who fits that profile as well as Serena. She has full lips, very frizzy hair, and an incredibly robust figure - they're all very distinctive features of her. That they happen to match the stereotype is by and by - Knight accentuated her features, as an individual, not simply based on her ethnicity.

2) Knight's style is caricature, particularly based around picking out and accentuating particular features of his subjects. He's been drawing that way for newspapers for over 20 years. He's drawn Williams in a moment of intense anger, with her features scrunched up - of course it doesn't look particularly like her. No-one does when pulling faces like that. I find his style neither lazy nor incompetent, but clever, incredibly well drawn, perceptive and often very funny.

3) Too many overseas critics are making ignorant criticisms with no idea of Knight's history, his views or his other work. Here's his Obama - is this racist too?


And here's one he drew defending local indigenous footballer Adam Goodes during a period where he was experiencing a lot of booing and insults from footy crowds:


Would a racist draw this?

Anyway here in Victoria we've well and truly moved on from this little storm in a teacup, and I shall do the same.
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14 Nov 2018 19:48

What?? Top tennis player retires when their supposed to. Didn't Radwanska have access to the right doctor?

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Yesterday 18:32

Just checking in with my semi annual observation that Serena Williams is still blatantly on P.E.D.s. That is all.
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