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Richie Porte - what do we know about him?

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14 Jun 2017 14:37

Cookster15 wrote:
TourOfSardinia wrote:
Benotti69 wrote:Does the ASO prefer another antipodean winner of Le Tour?

ASO might find Sky too toxic at present.

Could be LRPs year.

my thoughts too
but LPR is holding form for 6 months now
so something may misfire on the way to the Champs-Élysées

How long did Evans hold form in 2011? How long did Wiggins hold form in 2012? Yes he might well misfire but if Porte can hold this form next month there are plenty of precedents. It is unlikely Porte tapered for the Dauphine so he could actually be a little stronger next month. Benotti might be right ;)

Don't forget the best of them, Chris Froome himself in 2013 ... Won Oman, the MTF in Tirreno, Criterium International, Romandie, Dauphine and the Tour. All in pretty dominant fashion. Porte even came second in two of those races.
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